FAQs of Student Dormitory Epidemic Prevention Measures (updated 2023/05/20)



What epidemic prevention measures should students take in the dormitories?

  1. During each dormitory’s curfew period, students should use their student ID card to enter the dormitory.
  2.  If students feel any symptoms, please prepare their own rapid test. Those who test positive should notify their resident director or dormitory security right away.

What should I do if my rapid test is positive?

  1. When you test positive, please inform your resident directors, dormitory guards or counter staff.
  2. Please report to the “Reporting confirmed cases” system (https://my.ntu.edu.tw/ntuwdc/ConfirmedReport.aspx) of the NTU epidemic prevention website.
  3.  Individuals with COVID-19 who have mild or no symptoms are advised to observe the "0+n self-health management scheme". Those with mild or no symptoms should not come to the campus during the period, and they can end their self-health management period if they test negative on a rapid test.
    After testing positive on a rapid test, people who develop severe symptoms or warning signs, including shortness of breath or trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion, blue-colored skin/lips or nail beds, inability to eat, drink or take medications, no or a significant reduction in urine output over the past 24 hours, systolic blood pressure <90mmHg, and over 100 heartbeats per minute when not running a fever, are advised to call 119, get a ride from a friend or family member living together, or walk or drive themselves to seek medical attention immediately.

Where should I go if I am a confirmed case?

  1. Confirmed cases should return home and undergo 0+n self-health management scheme. Please follow the rules of the self-health management.
  2. Those who do not have a qualified quarantine location, please inform your resident directors, dormitory guards or counter staff and will be relocated to the Quarantine Special Zone by the Student Housing Service Division. Only those who live in single rooms of NTU Prince House are allowed to stay in the dormitory rooms.
  3. Those who accommodate in the the Quarantine Special Zone are advised to rest in the rooms, and avoid going to public places unless necessary. Do not attend gatherings or lunch/dinner parties, or go to crowded venues. You can buy the rapid test by yourself.

How long should roommates of a confirmed case (close contacts) quarantine? 

Close Contacts roommates can stay in the dormitory rooms.

Will the University send a quarantine notice?

Those who stay in the hospital will be reported by the hospital. Notice for Isolation Treatment will be sent by the government.
When can international arriving students check into or return to the dorm? 
Individuals who do not test positive can back to the dorm rooms immediately.
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